SEO Statistics You Need for 2020

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As we know that 2019 has gone and now we need to put our focus on the updations in google algorithms and techniques in 2020. Every well experienced digital marketer knows very well that SEO best practices are the key to positioning digital content and increasing organic search results for the website. Most people believe that SEO is dead, the reality is that SEO is still alive, and we will prove it by this year’s statistics. We dragged the most important SEO statistics to help you make powerful digital marketing decisions in 2020 to grow your business.

Google – Most Used Search Engine By Visitors in 2019

As we have a look at 2019 statics about google then get to know that Google has received nearly 2.3 trillion searches this year. Ranking high on Yahoo or Bing is good, but if your company ranks on Google then you are most likely getting the most business. Get help from google search console to see how individuals are right now getting to you through Google Searches. You can’t be denied Google’s strength in the digital marketing category.

Latest Search Queries

SEO isn’t only about competing with others trying to rank on the top of Google for the existing terms. Every day customers come up with new search queries. Because of these so many new searches happening every day, SEO is getting found new terms and new searching keywords.

Now the question is how do you rank for something new?

That is where Google’s BERT algorithm comes as a solution to this problem. The bidirectional Encoder Representations algorithm is a neural network-based technique. BERT examines the context and intent of words to survey the content. BERT algorithm understands the context and intent of words and If it is unique and meaningful you may get rewarded for it.

Organic Clicks Statistics

  • The huge number of website traffic comes from organic search which is 51%, 10% from paid search, 5% from social, and 34% from all other sources.
  • Up to 91% of the regular traffic generated by the sites listed on the first Google search results page.
  • 32.5% of the website traffic share the first Google organic search result gets.
  • 1,890 words length is the average content length of a Google first page result.
  • Organic traffic capture over 40% of revenue.
  • The estimated number of phone calls that will be generated from mobile search alone is 72+ billion.

Explore User Search Behavior Statistics

  • 48.7 percent of internet users worldwide operate desktops while 51.3 percent use mobile and tablet devices.
  • From the millions of active US web users, 15 percent performed more than one search in a day, 45% performed at least one query in a week and 68% performed one or more queries that month.
  • People over 79% took relevant action from the phone prior to making a purchase.
  • 39 percent of consumers were influenced by a relevant search.
    More than 21% of searches lead to more than one click on Google’s results.

Statistics of Link Building

  • 41% of companies consider link building as the most difficult SEO tactic.
  • Over 1,000 words: The average length of long-form content that receives more shares and links than shorter form content.

SEO & Other Marketing Channels

  • The number of times SEO has more traffic opportunities than PayPerClick on both mobile and desktop.
  • 45% of all companies say content marketing is ‘highly integrated’ with their SEO strategy.

Read these important SEO statistics and staying up-to-date. After analyzing these stats, work on their data and performing a technical SEO audit which is a helpful way to go your strategy and create some quick SEO wins. Together, you’ll be prepared to enter 2020 with a plan for both short- and long-term success.

SEO Statistics

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