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Professional Local SEO Citation Building


Attracting customer towards your business online is a major challenge. A few years ago, people go to the yellow pages to find a local business. Nowadays, people are turning towards internet to find trusted business recommendations. A local directory on the Internet will contain a list of businesses that operate in a localized region. Like a local reference, it includes combination of your URL, address, phone number, brand name, hours of work, payment method, logo, and images.

Local SEO Citations are the Primary Pillars of Local SEO


There is a huge list of popularly known local directories available on the internet. Filling out the forms over and over again can be a big pain for business organizations. To curb with this issue our services will help you in the following ways:

  • Help in Increasing high quality and permanent back links to your website.
  • Local business can get found, is through inclusion, in local directories.
  • Improve ranking of your website in top search engines.
  • Provides new channel to reach potential customers
  • Time and cost effective SEO technique.
  • Increase your online exposure.
  • Boost traffic rate to your website.


We follow a careful citation development process for every project using following steps:

  1. Review provided information: We always review if the supplied information is complete and accurate. If we find any anomaly we ask for complete and accurate information.
  2. Identify your existing citations: First, we check with your current citations in order to avoid insertion of duplicate citations.
  3. Create a local citation list: After this, we prepare a huge range of new citations with high quality sources.
  4. Build citations: We list your business on web directories manually and we make sure it include all required and updated information.
  5. Provide you a report: We will provide you with a detailed report at the end, which will include the complete list of citations along with the landing pages.


Here are some very good reasons why you should select our services.

  • We have a streamlined process and a dedicated team.
  • Only use web directories with a good online reputation like Google, Yelp, Yahoo is included.
  • We have hundreds of citation opportunities for any type of business.
  • We take Name, Address, Phone Consistency and duplicate entries seriously
  • We will make all the submissions manually
  • We use search engine friendly submission.

If you have any questions regarding our Local Business directory submissions, get in touch with us right away and we will be happy to assist you.

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