What to choose between Pay Per Click (PPC) & Cost per impression(CPM) ?

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What to choose between PPC and CPM, it all depends on what you want. If you want to rapidly generate actions go for the pay per impression. On the other hand, if what you want is to adjust the price of those actions to the maximum without caring on the amount of actions performed per day go for pay per click.

  • An impression is defined as the moment a clickable link is visible to a potential user.Therefore, cost per impression will charge you every time your ad is served to someone, regardless of how that person interacts with your ad. Cost per impression usually favors the advertising platform as they can predict exactly how much they will make from you.
  • A click is defined a user clicking your link or ad. Cost per click tends to be significantly more expensive because it favors the person paying for the add. You only pay when you get a significant engagement, and not just for being a vague blur on somebody’s stream as with cost per impression.

In small audiences, usually PPC performs good, even more lately with the appearance of Relevance Score which directly affects the PPC as it will broad the reach when the grade is good. Actually that means that you are showing an ad that is very relevant to the audience selected. Booth type of bidding are useful, but usually Pay Per Click will deliver a good price per action.

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