Long-Tail Keywords: Secret to Boost TONS of Search Traffic

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Long-Tail Keywords are the keyword phrases used to search for something very specific on the search engine like Google. They usually contain at least 3 – 4 keyword terms derived from a head term. It is observed that 70% – 80% of search traffic comes from highly specific four-six words long phrases. People usually prefer to type long-tail keywords for any search.


Focusing on Long-Tail Keywords is a great tactic of SEO. It is much easier to rank for them because they are highly specific to your niche. Using the right keywords phrases and putting them naturally in your content or blog will convert your traffic into potential clients. They will become your permanent clients and visit your site more as compared to your competitors.

So, JC Web Pros is here with some must know advantages of Long–Tail Keywords. Let’s take a look –

Face Less Competition on the Web

Long-Tail keywords are more specific keyword phrases and end up having lower search competition. The specificity of long-tail keywords means they’re relevant for fewer sellers which automatically lead to less competition. So if you do take the time to identify and target relevant long-tail keywords, you’ll have much less competition to rank in search results.

Long-Tail Keywords have Less Google Competition


Compatible with Voice Search –

Nowadays people prefer to use Google voice search instead of typing their query into the search engine. Voice Search Queries are usually long-tail keywords with 6-7 words spoken by the individual. If you want to stay ahead of competitors and want to generate more relevant search traffic in the upcoming years with the rise of voice search, consider the usage of long–tail keywords in your optimization strategies. This will going to help you beyond your imagination.

Long-Tail Keywords Compatible with Voice Search


Higher Conversion Rates –

According to the researches,the average conversion rate for long-tail keywords is 36%. Form this you can make estimate the benefits of long-tail keywords for generating high search traffic. But it is not possible to increase the conversion rate to 30% overnight, it will take time and your hard work but definitely gives you actual results after some time. So, for better and high conversion rates long-tail keywords are a must.

Long-Tail Keywords have High Conversion Rate


The Most Preferred Way of People to Search –

We can see that people generally write their queries using long-tail keywords. This will automatically increase the chance of getting a lot of search traffic. It is one of the best tools you have for attracting more and relevant website visitors to your site. They’re targeted to specific problems, and closer to the natural language we all use to search on the search engine. So, we can say that with long-tail keywords, it’s much easier to find yourself on the first page of SERPs.

The Most Preferred Way of People to Search


Advantage for Local Business –

If you are running a local business in your area, then including the location of your business in your long-tail keywords can help to restrict your reach to the local targeted customers. This is a great advantage that you can have by targeting the local audience instead of going for short and general keywords. They bring in relevant visitors w and face less competition than more general terms.

The Best Choice for Local SEO


Final Words –

By analyzing all of the above-said points we can say that the Long-Tail Keywords are the most valuable strategy of SEO to be implemented for obtaining high search traffic to your website. Unlike their short tail cousins, long-tail keywords are less competitive, focused, and easier to rank for. You should adopt this amazing strategy for better conversion rates and high sales of your products or services. Contact JC Web Pros for FREE Strategy Call.

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