Skyrocket Your Site Ranking With Christmas SEO Hacks

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As we know the wonderful day of Christmas is coming and bringing delightful gifts for us. JC WebPros wishes you Merry Christmas! This is the best time to spend your precious time with your friends and relatives, enjoy good food and collect a bundle of memories. On 20th December 2019, JC WebPros threw a pre-new year and pre-Christmas party celebrating another successful year for providing SEO services in this industry. All the staff well enjoyed DJ night by performing different activities. Anyway, along with the glorious gifts and food, it is also a great time to look back at all of the work that you have done during the rest of the year and see how far you have come.

In the past times, we have experienced growth, new SEO techniques, and new challenges. As Google comes up with new updates its algorithms also get changed and these SEO techniques also get the upgrade. Before the year ends check all the work you done and get achievements through this work. Analyze how much traffic you got and how much you lose. If you see improvement then this is the good point. You can also improve results by implementing the latest SEO hacks. Here JC WebPros presenting some latest SEO hacks as a Christmas gift for you to skyrocket your website ranking in very less time and with fewer efforts. So keep your eyes here to get these techniques.


6 latest SEO techniques which you need to perform for the better ranking results of your website:-

Focus on Unique Content:-

Content is the most important aspect of the website to attract customers. So keep your content unique, affirmative and user-friendly so that users can read it easily. If your content will be impressive then users willing to visit subpages and then the possibility of a better page ranking and website visibility is high for you. Make sure your content must contain relevant keywords that focus on the target audience.

Powerful Local Search Optimisation:-

Basically, the SEO campaign starts with keyword research. Your website content must contain the related keywords which are used by the customers to search for your business. Try to use long-tail keywords. For e.g. “best automobile services near me”. So, keep in mind to verify the phone number, website details, and business address so that google picks your business in every local search. Besides it, customer reviews on your website also increase your business brand availability.

Analyze Competitor Research For More Backlink Opportunities:-

Competitor research is a considerable method to expose which domains are linking to your competitor businesses. Keep track of your competitors what they are doing for ranking on the search engines.

  • Use a competitor tracking tool to figure out which sites linked to your competitors but not linked to you.
  • Track competitor’s domain authority from the beginning and track your domain authority after making backlinks on the sites which you find through your competitors to analyze how much benefits you got from this strategy.
  • Filter the most applicable and authoritative domains.
  • Try to make your link on these domains through classified ads, business listings or Social Bookmarking.

Fix Broken Links to Get More Impressions:-

Broken links are not good for your website. These are the link where users reached on the 404 pages by clicking on these links. Broken links can affect your website in different ways such as:-

  • Can harm your organic traffic
  • Produce bad user experience

You have to fix them. First, analyze the existence of these broken links on your site by using Google Analytics and Google Search Console Tools and then take suitable action for this error.

Enhance Website’s User Experience:-

To get a high ranking on Google, you should improve the website’s user experience. This could be upgraded by adding engaging and beautifully organized content, attractive images, informational videos, highlight the features by using bullet points, magnificent heading tags and so on.

Rich Snippets Leads More Clicks:-

Featured snippets lead to better results. Usually, sites contain featured snippets ranks on the top of the google. Because featured snippets provide detailed and clear information about the topic or website. From the deep research, we found that Google originates 54.68% results with featured snippets and 73.18% without snippets. So always try to include snippets in your webpages.

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