How Voice Search Changed the Way of SEO’s and online Marketer’s Work

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As our lives get continuously busy, voice search become popular day by day because it represents a simple, accurate and hands-free technique to track down all of the things we need online.The only drawback of voice search is that it changes the method of work performed by search engine optimizer and online marketers behind the scenes.

Before the voice search boom it is easy for websites to rank well with short tail keywords. But with voice search the queries become more complex and conversational so short tail keyword research may be dying.

It is not possible to write the way we speak. Hence the search queries are large and complex with voice search. Thus search terms will be different for those queries and it also effect search results as well. The companies who want to rank high in dynamic changing environment of voice search need to alter their strategies accordingly.


As voice search continues to gain popularity, online marketers need to stop relying on short-tail keywords. The short-tail keywords valuable for delivering targeted, relevant results to users, today’s search algorithms are much more focused on context, value, and semantics. The search engines have gotten smarter and they have begun to consider the intent behind a person’s search.

By providing results that help to answer user questions rather than just showcase what’s available, Google and other search engines like it is beginning to drift toward intent-based search, and away from short-tail keywords. Below are some tips that help to adjust keywords according to voice search:

  • Create FAQ Page it is great way to accommodate the trends of voice search and ensure better ranking for common questions.
  • Make your seed keyword phrase more common because phrase is more in line with what people will search on voice enabled platform.
  • Use long tail keywords because they are more detail-oriented and more in line with natural patterns of human speech.
  • If your website have a physical address or map make sure it is correct because it have a dramatic impact on your local ranking.

When Online marketers accept the end of short tail keywords they will adjust themselves to position more effectively for voice search .

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