Facebook plans to launch its enterprise communication network Facebook At Work

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Social media growing at rapid rate today because people prefer posting their views online more than talking about them. Nowadays engaging with your real customers and to keep them updated about your business, new products and services and special offers, it is important to get hold of the various popular social media networks. Hence most popular social networking media Facebook is ready to make work as addictive as socializing. The Company is planing to launch its enterprise collaboration network Facebook at work in next few months.

Facebook confirmed this information first at TechCrunch. The users of this feature can use its special “Work Feed” of posts from colleagues to share their ideas and collaborate views. Apart from this it will provide social networking’s profile ,events and live video features. Facebook believes that it will engage employees with products so it’s betting on a pricing plan that charges companies “per monthly active user” instead of charging a flat rate per company, says Facebook @ Work director Julien Codorniou. TechCrunch has learned that Facebook will announce launch integrations or partnerships with other SaaS tool providers including Asana.

There is not date announced yet but it is believe that it will l come just as Microsoft scraps the Yammer Enterprise tier many companies rely on, who might be looking for a new way to keep the whole team on the same page. Diversifying its revenue streams beyond advertising could help Facebook boost its bottom line without drowning its consumer users in marketing.

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