Maximizing Clicks, Impressions, Traffic, and Conversions Case Study


Niche Internet Service Provider
Target Market Cayman Island
Website URL
JC Web Pros' Website Traffic Improvement Portfolio for Internet Service Provider

Our Goal

The primary goal of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) project is to significantly enhance the online presence and performance of the ISP ecommerce website. This involves a multi-faceted approach aimed at increasing clicks, impressions, overall traffic, organic user engagement, and ultimately, conversions.


This endeavour is met with several challenges that are given below:

Our Approach

Addressing these challenges comprehensively is crucial to unlocking the ISP website’s success and achieving optimal performance metrics. Our approach to tackling the challenges faced by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) Project is multifaceted and strategic. Firstly, we conducted a comprehensive audit of the website to identify and rectify any technical or on-page SEO issues hindering organic traffic growth. Simultaneously, we conducted keyword research, optimized potential keywords and implemented content optimization strategies to enhance the visibility of the website on search engine results pages.

To address the underperformance of paid sources, direct sources, and organic social channels, we analyzed data and recommended suggestions to each channel’s unique requirements. This includes refining ad targeting parameters, crafting compelling ad creatives, and leveraging audience insights to maximize engagement and conversions.

Through this integrated approach, we overcomed the challenges faced by the ISP Project and achieved tangible improvements in clicks, impressions, overall traffic, organic user engagement, and conversions, ultimately driving the success of the client’s ecommerce website.

The Achievements

Here are our proven results. Dive into the impressive outcomes we’ve achieved.

1. Target Product #1 gained Clicks and Impressions -

2. Target Product #2 also gained Clicks and Impressions. Product CTR and Avg Position also improved -

3. Delivered Significant Increase in Overall Traffic

Here is the overall traffic to our website from different channels.

4. Excellent Improvement seen in Conversions

Here is the comparison of Last 12 month v/s Previous 12 month
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